Bracing Ply (3000x1200x4mm)

Bracing Ply (3000x1200x4mm)



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Product Description

F22 hardwood bracing ply

What is F22 hardwood bracing?

F22 hardwood bracing is a type of plywood suitable for use in wall and roof bracing applications.

It is made from mixed species hardwood sourced from legally harvested resources, and has an A Bond glueline to comply with AS2269. F22 hardwood bracing can be supplied in untreated or H2-S treated (i.e., against termites) variants, and it is important that all fixing adhere to the Building Code of Australia and AS 1684 – Residential Timber Framed Construction Code when used in construction projects.

What are the benefits of using F22 hardwood bracing ply?

1. Increased Strength and Stability

Using 4mm F22 hardwood bracing ply increases strength and stability because it is high strength, lightweight, and moisture resistant.

This helps to increase the stability of timber frames as well as reduce the risk of moisture damage during construction.

2. Improved Water Resistance

Using F22 hardwood bracing ply improves water resistance because it is made from hardwood that is resistant to moisture.

This increases the lifespan of the wood and makes it less likely to warp or decay in wet environments, which improves water resistance.

3. Better Energy Efficiency

Using F22 hardwood bracing ply can improve energy efficiency by providing structural support for walls and roofs.

This helps to reduce the amount of heat loss through the building’s walls and roof, which reduces energy costs. The plywood also has a non-weather resistant coating that helps prevent moisture build-up, further reducing energy consumption. Additionally, using F22 hardwood bracing ply increases the longevity of a building’s structure due to its high strength and resistance to decay.

4. Easier Installation Process

1. Measure the length of the truss you need to install and mark it on the F22 hardwood bracing ply.

2. Cut along the mark using a circular saw or other power tool, then lay out all pieces for easy installation

3. Slide each piece into place between beams or posts, then secure with screws or nails as needed

4. Repeat this process until all pieces have been installed correctly

Ply bracing is manufactured to provide structural support to a house roof or wall frame. Bracing ply is robust and enduring.

  • Made to Australian Standards AS2269.
  • F22 structurally rated for use in cyclone areas.
  • Made from hardwood with an ‘A’ bond glue line
  • Can be used for walls, roofing, bracing, furniture and cabinetry


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