F22 Harwood Bracing ply

F22 Harwood Bracing ply

F22 hardwood bracing ply is ideal to be used for roof or wall bracing applications. It is specifically designed to provide fantastic stability and strength. Thanks to these two qualities, there is a wide range of applications of F22 Harwood plywood.

Its making involves the usage of mixed species hardwood which are sourced only from legally harvested resources. Also, the veneers are bonded with an A bond glue line.

What Does F22 Mean?

The F22 rating states that the minimum stress grade of the plywood is F22. In simpler words, this rating stands for bending stress of 22 MPa (megapascals). This rating makes the plywood desirable for places where high levels of stiffness or strength are needed, for instance, structural and bracing applications.

Advantages That F22 Hardwood Bracing Ply Offers

When it comes to construction projects, the F22 hardwood bracing ply has numerous benefits to offer. Some of those are mentioned below:

1.    Energy efficient

Who would have thought that construction materials could provide energy efficiency? Other than giving structural support to roofs and walls, it reduces the amount of heat loss through them. As a result, energy is saved.

2.    Durability

Durability is the quality of the F22 hardwood bracing ply that is highly appreciable. The water and moisture-resistant nature helps this plywood last longer. It is also decay resistant, which adds to its longevity. If the installation is done correctly, paired with regular maintenance, it will last you years.

3.    High stiffness and strength

The F22 grading itself is proof of the impeccable strength and stiffness of this plywood.

4.    Water-resistance

The adhesive used in the manufacturing of this bracing plywood is waterproof. Thus, it is resistant to both moisture and water. The water-resistant nature prevents moisture build-up, which is also helpful in reducing energy consumption. For humid environments and damp places, this plywood is suitable to use.

5.    Sustainability

It is made from renewable resources only, making it a sustainable building product. If you are an environmentally-conscious builder or user, this plywood is perfect.  

6.    Versatility

F22 hardwood plywood offers a wide range of applications. Its application is not limited to residential construction. It is used for industrial and commercial use. Besides this, there are some marine applications of this ply as well.

To find the best quality F22 hardwood bracing ply, contact Timber Central. The plywood supplied by us can provide great structural support to a wall frame or a house roof. Here are the specifications of the ply supplied by us:

  1. F22 structural rating to be used in cyclone-prone areas
  2. ‘A’ bond glue line
  3. Complies with AS2269 Australian standards
  4. Ideal to use for roofing, bracing, cabinetry, walls, and furniture

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