MGP10 Structural Timber – Everything You Need to Know About It

MGP10 Structural Timber – Everything You Need to Know About It

For the past few decades, using pine for framing has been in use. Australian builders prefer it over other materials because of its strength, ease of use, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

When it comes to commercial and residential buildings, structural pine framing is extremely common. With advanced technology, machine grading is a way to ensure that each stick is of the best quality that meets Australian standards.

Machine-grade pine (MGP) is manufactured with artificial pine and sustainably managed forests. MGP10 is a stress class of structural pine that has multiple usages. It has a lot of advantages to offer as well. So, let’s start with what MGP10 is.

What is MGP10?

MGP10 is a high-quality timber designed specifically for numerous construction applications. The feature that makes this pine different from the other options available is that it goes through a detailed machine grading process.

Undergoing this process gives this pine consistent strength, durability, and stiffness. This pine can tolerate up to 10,000 MPa of total pressure. You can rest assured about its stability and safety, which is why many builders feel confident while using it.

The most common usage of this structural pine in the residential sector is for floor joists, wall framing, roof battens, and beams. So, this has become an integral part of the modern architectural landscape.

Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly material, which provides the building process with a more environmentally conscious approach.

What makes MGP10 better than other materials?

MGP10 has the following benefits to offer. These will let you know if it is the right choice for your needs or not. 

1.    High adaptability

The quality of being highly adaptable is the most appreciated one since it can be put to multiple uses. Being a material with good flexibility and lightweight, it becomes an excellent choice for almost all projects.

Thanks to these mgp10 properties, it is used for mainframes, bare internal walls, and light load-bearing applications. It can be used for low-exposure exteriors if required.

2.    Light yet sturdy

Pine is a lightweight material, but while being lightweight, it is difficult to handle. Its strength makes it sturdy, so it is an ideal material to work with. Unlike other materials which compromise strength for weight or vice versa, this material offers both.

The sturdiness allows it to tolerate a good amount of weight. Along with this, it is suitable for both heavy and light-duty applications. Thus, it is one of the easiest materials to work with.

3.    Tough and flexible

If you thought being lightweight would make MGP10 weaker, you are mistaken. This structural pine has no problem handling the stress of 10,000MPa. Thus, there is absolutely no doubt about its toughness.

The quality that is highly admirable about MGP 10 is its flexibility. Its toughness, paired with this, makes it ideal for multiple applications.

Owing to all of these mgp10 properties, it also bears versatile quality.


Durability and strength are the two qualities every builder and homeowner looks for in a material used for building. With the meticulous grading process, MGP10 goes through, you need not worry about its structural integrity at all.

It also undergoes treatment to resist insect damage and decaying, which makes it last for a considerable period. Due to this, MGP10 is considered a high-quality material that many builders trust for excellence.


When it comes to the applications of MGP10, it has a wide range of applications. It is also used for lightweight structure framing, from floor support to walls. Its flexibility makes it somewhat unbreakable.

MGP10 is well-known for being used in flooring, framing, and structural elements in residential and commercial projects. It is also treated so that it can be resistant to termites and rot.

When heavy woods like MGP12 are challenging to use, MGP10 is preferred, especially for building interiors. For interiors, it lasts longer than MGP12. Although when it comes to the exterior, the durability reduces to some extent due to constant exposure.

Final words

MGP10 is an excellent building material that gives you a plethora of reasons to choose it over others. Versatility, durability, flexibility, strength, and lightweight, everything you want is present in this MGP10 Structural timber.

However, with its growing popularity, there is a shortage of genuine suppliers of MGP10. Thus, you must ensure that your purchase source offers you the best quality MGP10. Timber Central is one such source that promises to supply you the superior quality MGP10 Structural timber at a reasonable price. Here we offer you multiple sizes for MGP10 structural pine, and you can choose the one as per your requirements. You can also get the MGP10 H2 termite-treated structural timber.

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