Yellow Tongue Flooring – Pros and Cons 

Yellow Tongue Flooring – Pros and Cons 

Does the idea of choosing the right type of flooring for your home stress you out? Indeed, this is a big decision that cannot be made hastily. If you are someone who is considering yellow tongue flooring for your home, this blog is for you. 

Below, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of installing yellow tongue flooring in your home. After going through them, you will have a clear idea of whether you should choose this flooring. 

Advantages of Yellow Tongue Flooring 

So, what are the advantages of yellow tongue flooring?

  1. Affordable

The price of the flooring is a factor that must be taken into consideration. You would require a suitable flooring type at an affordable cost, and that’s exactly what Yellow Tongue flooring offers. It is among the few good and affordable options available in the market. Many budget-conscious homeowners have chosen this flooring and are satisfied with its performance. 

yellow tongue flooring for residential buildings
Yellow Tongue Flooring in Pakenham
  1. Durable

One of the most highly appreciated qualities of yellow tongue flooring is its durability. It is resistant to wear, and its colour does not fade quickly. Along with this, you will not see any cracks in it any time soon. This flooring is ideal for a house with pets and children, thanks to its durability. 

  1. Easy to install

Yellow tongue flooring is so easy to install that you can do it on your own. You would need tape to measure the area, a drill for holes and a scraper to cut off the access. So, if you want to cut the installation cost, install it yourself. 

  1. Low maintenance

Who would have thought that this flooring option is low maintenance? Yellow tongue flooring only requires a little keep-up and is relatively easier to clean. Thus, in the long run, you will save money and time. 

Disadvantages of Yellow Tongue Flooring 

Although yellow tongue flooring does not have many disadvantages, some factors might cause inconvenience to some people.

  1. When comparing it to other types of flooring, the colour choices become limited. However, you get to choose from classic and modern yellow tones. Besides this, you can choose from various styles and a range of finishes.
    You can go for laminated or wood-based styles; for finishes, you can choose from options like matte, satin, antique and gloss.
  2. Among yellow tongue flooring specifications, being water-resistant is the most praised one. The surface of this flooring is smooth, and in case you spill some water on it, there is still a possibility of you slipping.
    Although this is not something that happens too often, and this flooring is used in wet areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms, there is still a slight possibility of it being slippery. 
Advantages and disadvantages of yellow tongue flooring

The Final Words

For most people, yellow tongue flooring has proven to be the best option for their home. It is apparent that it has more advantages than disadvantages, which is why many people prefer it over other types.

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